Friday, February 5, 2010

home baked goodness

No mama I am not eating raw dough! Ben's snail bun.


After. The sultanas popped off the bread!

When I friend offered to help me make a loaf last week I jumped at the chance, you see, I have tried and tired and failed and failed to make bread from scratch and have it turn out edible..

We used this recipe. The boys used sultanas and cinnamon on their lovely creations. I used feta, silverbeet and basil in the mine..

Tasted delicious and we can't wait to make more, there is something homely, comforting and nourishing I find in the process of making food from scratch. Bread making has always been included in the Steiner playgroups we have attended for the last four years so it is special for the boys as well.


  1. Yum!!
    Can I have some of that next time we have morning tea??
    Bread never works in my oven :(
    Looks like the boys enjoyed it as well!!

  2. Of course Jen ! :)

    Yep the boys loved the making and the eating too.