Thursday, December 10, 2009

a milestone..

My biggest baby is learning to drive!
I am of course filled with pride and excitement as I watch him grow into a wonderful young man with the promise of magical new opportunities and adventures before him.
I also feel like throwing myself on the floor and grabbing him by the leg and refusing to let go until he promises to stop growing and stay as he is FOREVER. But I know that would be futile and as my youngest baby sleeps next to me, breastfeeds and wakes me up a lot at night, I guess there is a plus side that life moves forward but I can't help feeling a little sad and a little bit old.!
I love you so much Jake.


  1. That's is a great post! I'm dreading the day my boys start to learn to drive. Even though it means they'll have new found freedom, I know I will worry myself sick each time they start the car! Make sure he has lots of lessons and does a Defensive Driving course!!

  2. Awww bless. So grown up! Hugs to you for the transition.