Saturday, November 28, 2009

and a visual..

These are the beautiful necklaces we made as Christmas gifts for the teachers and assistants in Moonlight prep class. We asked each family to bring 5 beads and I hope each one holds within it the love and gratitude that is intended for each recipient..Ben has had such a wonderful year it has been a joy for me also to watch him thrive and be part of his journey.
My darling baby :) Jen our talented facilitator leaves me in awe of her amazing creations! Truly!

An angel is waiting with a baby.

While a mother and father take a long journey with the help of a donkey....This Sunday they travelled across a rocky mountain and discovered some very special stones :)


It has been so long again! I have had a couple of comments recently about my lack of blog love so here it is :)

Doing ; most recently, caring for my little boy who burnt his hand on the stove. Selling candles decorated with bees wax by all the 'Moonlight' families at the Silkwood markets.
Finishing up ABA for the year and planning for next year.

Works in progress; Felt tree decorations, a lotus birth bag, a beautiful Waldorf doll.

Growing; lettuce, cucumber, eggplant, silver beet, potato, beetroot, lemons and limes and a load of herbs.

Loving; winding down and the end of school runs for this year, finally feeling healthy, quiet moments with friends to picnic and swim in a beautiful a beautiful little creek.