Saturday, May 16, 2009

wall hangings

Inspired by my monthly woman's circle, I decided to felt this moon cycle wall hanging.. although it is not so much at the hanging stage yet!

I like my knew awareness of the moon's phases and it is interesting recording the effects on my daily life. I haven't discovered a pattern yet and I think it is difficult when life is busy and the effects of night time parenting are always an issue.

I am also working on a wall hanging for Ben's room, which is of 'The Faraway Tree'. We read a chapter each night before bed and I have to admit I look forward to it as much as he does!

The stories remind me of my own childhood always with my head stuck in a book, and Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors :)


  1. beautiful felt creation, is it for your wall? Can't wait to see "the faraway tree" creation. It was a favourite for me and my boys when they were young too. x

  2. Hi Donna, The magic faraway tree is coming along..everything has been on hold though with everyone sick. Can't wait to finish all my half started projects :)