Sunday, May 3, 2009

back to normal ...

We have all well and truly settled back into our regular rhythm now after a very busy Adelaide trip. Returning home I realised I didn't take nearly as many photo's as I wanted ! But I have images of beautiful autumn leaves and tree lined streets etched into my memory :)

I will admit that the thought of staying with my MIL for two weeks had me shaking for a while, but it actually turn out to be a very healing time. Before we left home I went through a letting go process and managed to go with a relatively clean slate and an open mind...

So our days were taken up with visiting our ageing relatives, old friends and Geoff's brothers' and our darling little niece.
It was just lovely to spend time as a family ! It is hard to get Mr 15 to do anything at all with us at home, so it was extra special :)

It was really nice to come home and just get back to normal.. we are just not used to such a fast paced life LOL.

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  1. Oh such beautiful photos! It is so nice to see all your family. Looks like you had a lovely time. x