Friday, April 3, 2009

a time for eggs..

Inspired by our playgroup craft this week, the boys and I have been decorating hard boiled eggs with crayons and food dye. We think they look pretty good :)
It is almost the end of Ben's first term of prep, although he is tired and ready for holidays, he is looking forward their Autumn Festival to mark the last day.
The children have been working hard on their play..all I know is that Ben is a cow !
Can't wait to see it.
It promises to be a morning of fun, friends and food.. perfect start to the Easter break when we fly to Adelaide to see our families, and catch up with old friends for two weeks.
Autumn in Adealide is just lovely with the liquid amber trees in their shades of gold to red, Ben is at a really good age to enjoy the tourist attractions Adelaide has to offer too,.. like the zoo, Granite Island, the zoo, humm..., did I say Granite Island... :)


  1. Love the eggs! Sounds like you have a fun holiday planned... can I fit into your suitcase? Enjoy the Autumn festival, Donna x

  2. I love the brightly coloured eggs.
    My little one's egg didn't make it past the drawing on it with crayon part (before you put the dye on it). LOL