Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Oh Dear...it has been awhile since I have posted!
Actually I have been trying to cut down on computer time and throw some attention to the boys, knitting and the dreaded housework.
Am I succeeding?..mostly.

Christmas and New years' went by quietly and without fuss, which is just the way we like it. I am grateful that all our families are interstate for so many reasons ( LOL ) But at no time more than Christmas, when we escape the hullabaloo. I am not a scrooge, but I don't enjoy commercialism.,I love my family but I don't enjoy polite banter with people who we wouldn't want to know normally..
I love a good celebration though, and this year we attended a lovely summer solstice party.

The holidays are almost over! Jake is wanting more holidays. Ben is ready for school. Their mother is ready for school too.. I never understood the mothers who complained about holidays and couldn't wait for them to end.
I wouldn't say I hate school holidays but I have to admit, there will be no tears when my little ball of energy trundles off to prep.
I have given him 5 years of 'mostly' connected-parenting, we have done many wonderful things together, but now he is needing the new stimulation, and lots of social contact that prep will bring him.

So..I am about to have just one child at home, with all the time I'll have on my hands, I have a few plans of my own :-)
That is for a new post very soon...* insert evil laugh*

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