Saturday, December 6, 2008

a day at the bay

We were going to go away this weekend for three days camping, but looking at the weather forecast of more storms and lots of rain, we decided to cancel as nothing kills a camping trip more than wet beds and bored whinging children/teenagers who are stuck inside a tent..

We decided top do day trips instead. Friday we drove down to Byron for a swim and a picnic. We walked around Bangalow and left when the rain came, so we were happy with our decision to cancel the camping.
This beady eyed boy will not take off his next years school hat ! He was amazed to see an old time red phone booth at Bangalow.

Also stopped into Natures Child and spent a small fortune on Chrissy presents for the boys.

We have been to the beach each morning, I must admit to not really bothering to beach much over the last few years, with small children it is a bit of an epic, but the boys absolutely loved digging trenches, finding treasures, and of course running in the water.

I think it is worth the effort, I always feel calmer after some sand between my toes and once you get into a bit of a rhythm the whole getting organised and out the door thing is not too bad.

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