Friday, October 31, 2008


I never thought I would ever be going around hasseling politicians but I have started something now!
I was feeling somewhat inspired by the midwives conference I recently attended as a consumer rep, and also the governments current review of maternity services so I decided to contact my local member..actually I emailed him from his website more as an experiment to see weather he would bother getting back to a nobody with an issue that given the fact he is male probably not all that interested in.
Well he emailed back alomost immediately telling me his 'people' would contact me..

SO off I trot armed with the review as well as ideas I think would go some way to getting women more options and better outcomes as they face anti-natal care, birth and post-natal care.
Also thought I'd mention the fact that us in South East Queensland are getting fluoride, recycled water and de-salinated water by the end of the year weather we like it or not!

Here where my mission comes unstuck a tad.. He is the 'Federal' member not the 'state' member and as such is uber reluctant to start meddling in state government issues like water and health care..he did however invite me to write a letter about why medicare should fund independent midwives and he would read it to the health minister during Parliament! But he doubted that it would do much good..I beg to differ, if enough of us write letters and bug politicians they will be forced to start making changes..

Where to now?.. I have an appointment to do it all over again with the state member this coming week.

..getting off soap box now :-)

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  1. Agh the state v federal thing is such a bloody joke.

    Good for you getting out there Simi.