Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the birthday gnome

Firstly at the end of July, our darling little boy Arki turned one..he has brought us all so much joy and it had been a pleasure watching him grow and become the adventurous, happy fellow with a cheeky grin, that he is. He is nicely determined and stands his ground against other children when they try to take toys away from him :-) A handy skill when Ben is your big brother!

Then our biggest boy Jake turned 15! Now this really is starting to make me feel OLD! He chose to invite a mere 6 mates over for a sleepover, they mainly just ate, ate, ate and played games on Jake's new X-box 360. I really enjoy Jake, he is lots of fun and growing into a fine young man I must say...

Then after all the birthday's that were not all about him..finally it was Ben's turn!

Turning 5 has been fantastic..Ben announced a few days before his birthday that he would move into his own room once he was 5, (I thought ..yeah right) so on the birthday we made the bed up and prepared the room. That night off he went to his room for the usually bedtime storey and straight to sleep! He has been sleeping there ever since, well apart from the night when pulled out a big nasty tick ( yes..yuck! ) from his back..but that was so I could keep a close eye on him.

Ben is really looking forward to going off the prep next year and has some great little buddies who will be joining him. I love to see the excitement in his face when he talks about it.

Here he is enjoying birthday morning and his new fire station, fire truck and fire men.

The day was even more special because it was play group day so here we are, Ben dressed in the super special birthday crown and cape.

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  1. They are all so beautiful. It was such a joy to be here for birthday season in the Outnumbered household.