Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well it has been a very long time hasn't it?!
Life has been a little crazy really. I have had to rethink the commitments I currently have and scale back so that I can meet my need to spend as much time with the boys as I can and remain really 'present' with them.
This seems especially important now as Ben spends 2 days a week at kindy getting to know many of his little class mates for next year at prep.
It is birthday season in our household at the moment, starting with our little Arki who turned one a few weeks comes Jake's 15th birthday, followed 10 days later by Ben's 5th birthday.
Today I am on helpline for ABA. It has nearly been a year since I qualified as a counsellor and I am enjoying the learning, the connection with other mothers and the sense of contribution it brings.
It is always great to be 'forced' to stay home all day, if it 's quiet ( like now ) It gives me the opportunity to do the things I otherwise wouldn't get to do if we decided to spend the day out. I always do helpline on weekends when Geoff is around so he gets to spend daddy time with the boys and it free's me up for phone calls or whatever I am doing :-)
till next time...

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