Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Head Dress

Ah.. finally Blogger will allow me to upload photo's.
The smaller hat is one I made for Arki, I should add that my intention was to make a stripy one but Ben came along and had a better idea..so blobs it was! Turned out rather well except for the minor issue that it is in fact too small for it's intended owner sooo, it will find a new home with one of the babies around us waiting to come earthside.
The other hat we made for a little friends 3rd birthday, however this hat was too large! it is in Ben's dress ups now and we made another for the gift.
I love felting so much and the 'mistakes' are fine for me, what the old saying? 'We learn from our mistakes not our successes'.
How true.
I can't wait to find the time to make some more..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

new starts

I have decided my knitting blog is not getting enough attention and I really want to blog more about life stuff, so here it is a new blog.
My DH picked up a super cheap lap top for me this week so it's really easy for me now to sit back all comfy in the couch and use the 'puter, it feels bit decadent and I like it.

Ok..this is where I'm at; life right now feels like it's going twice as fast as it should.The boys keep me so busy, Jake is doing the normal teenage thing..grunting, hibernating and wanting to be driven all over the coast,but he is a also a fantastic human and I am proud to call him mine.Ben is always the live wire, he enjoys his one day a week at day care and is growing up so fast.. Arki is a busy little fellow, just 8 months and not only crawling with great efficiency but now cruising the furniture as well.
I have many crafty projects running around in my head wait to come out ( more inspiration was found by visiting the craft fair over the weekend!).
But I have managed over the course of the day to felt a little hat for our baby, (who's first tooth appeared on Saturday). Once I needle felt some additions to the hat I will post a pic.

Now that I have taken the plunge here, I will be back to blog more soon.